Connecting the Nations unites international organizations, local communities and passionate individuals desiring to recognize and address life challenges.



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Collaborative efforts promote opportunities to ignite hearts that set humanity on fire with honor, integrity and transformed lives. Relationships connect initiatives, organizations, advocacy projects, bringing relevance, accountability and ethical standards, while touching one life at a time.

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Cultivating realistic lifestyles:

Transformations from poverty to productive communities happen by meeting each other at our points of need.

11826063_10206406938365463_3035550685979701205_n                       Connecting the Nations provides interactive opportunities for experiential encounters of love, sacrifice, peace; filled with unbelievable possibilities of hope for all people.



Connecting the Nations and other non-profits organizations, governments and philanthropists support humanity by training, educating and cultivating knowledge through:


Housing: Construction &              Reconstruction

Orphanage Aid

Literacy Outreach & Training